Papercuts by Joe- Etsy seller

Hi everyone, I know it’s been a super long time since I blooged- the same old story- you know how it goes. You can pick from the following reason (or excuse, depending on your viewpoint) – pick whichever one catches your fancy: I got too busy Life got in the way There were too many…

Princess Leia

Just had to share this with you- great Halloween costume! available here

NYC buildings

It’s been a while since I blogged-  life gets in the way of routine sometimes.  I just came back from a trip to New York,so here’s a few photos from the trip…. I love New York!

The PEN story

Just had a look at this on YouTube.Had to say that it made me smile…… Made using thousnds of photos, it must have taken forever to make.OK, it is an ad, but it is very clever. Found via Design Mom 

Mila’s Daydreams……..

I Have just stumbled across the most gorgeous site.  It’s a blog of baby photos- Adele Enersen (mum) says “This is my maternity leave hobby. While my baby is taking her nap, I try to imagine her dream and capture it.” So gorgeous!  Have a look at her blog for more fantastic photos- LOVE it.

Dunk Mug

Here’s a great idea for those who like tea and fancy a bite on the side.  Super cute Dunk Mug from Mocha.  I adore the polka dot mug shown below. It’s actually very similar to the mugs that I use at home, (minus the clever cut out).     Thanks Isobel for sending me the…


I have blogged before about bookshelves- click here. here is a whole site just dedicated to books & bookshelves.  If you have lots of books, like books or want inspiration, head over to Bookshelf Porn. found via Swiss Miss

Gimble Book Holder

Here’s a nifty idea for freeing up your hands while reading: it’s called the Gimble and is available from Aero Plus I know it’s another gadget, but could be handy- No pun intended!

Aurelie Guillerey Illustrations

I would like to share with you some whimsical illustrations by Aurelie Guillerey I love the retro look and the happy feeling that the illustrations convey So cute- have a look at some more on Flickr. found via grainedit

Table shredder

Do you like a piece of furniture that has multiple uses? here’s a table that really multi-tasks.  It’s a paper shredder/ coffee table: Shred up your junk mail & watch the paper scraps grow- A little gimmicky, I’ll admit, but kind of cute.  Here’s the link: Pigeontail found via Design*Sponge

Recycled Jewellery Etsy- Five Favourite Finds

Here is a round up of repurposed and upcycled jewellery fom Etsy sellers-these are my Five Favourite Finds of the day: Vintage typewriter key cuff links from nineteen moons Upcycled chain necklace with Labradorite stone from Danielle Rose Bean’s Etsy shop.   This bracelet is made with recycled phone touch keys & is available from sparkeez8z1d…

Ben Heine Pencil Vs Camera

Love these mixed media photos found over at  Best Bookmarks   Belgian-based artist Ben Heine mixes sketches of the original landscape/ area with photography.  He titles the series, “Pencil Vs Camera.”. Check out more of his work at his blog. Very cool.