Hi I’m Claire and welcome to my blog- I guess you would like to know a few things about me- here are some facts both important and trivial:

I’m a mum to two teenage boys who both have very different personalities – they make the house a joyful noisy place to be.

Recently I rediscovered the joy of reading- such a pleasure to get lost in a book

I love to live in Sydney’s Inner West, where sometimes the aircraft taking off not too far away cause a small pause in conversation until the hum of the engines has died off enough to resume.

I really enjoy seeing peoples creativity in making objects- whether its art, or something beautifully hand crafted or up cycled.

I freelance in the Interior Design world as well as in Fashion.

Sustainability and nature is very important to me and I try to use that to guide my choices.

I’d love you to drop me a line or a comment and connect over the web.

thanks for stopping by!