Wardrobe Dilemma- Open shelving or closed cupboard?

I have something of a dilemma with my wardrobe – not what to wear it seems that I have enough in that department! It’s more to do with how to house those items. I have been thinking of clothes storage and have posted  before on the subject- have a look back at this entry that I wrote.

We have recently moved to a new house. As I mentioned in a previous post, all of our furniture and a lot of our belongings were lost in a fire whilst they were in storage. This has left something of a budgetary hole in our allowance for decorating the house.

Wardrobes are somewhat essential, however its the style of storage of garments that I’m debating about. So I’m looking at wardrobe options that will fit within our budget. Do we go for the ‘ walk in wardrobe’ look for the whole bedroom? That is, do I opt for open shelving & look at my clothes whenever I’m in the bedroom.

It does give the feeling of living in a retail shop, and choosing the clothes in the morning could give the feeling of ‘shopping’ every morning. However that shopping could feel like ‘op-shopping’ (or thrift shopping) if it isn’t neat and tidy.

I’ve changed all the coat hangers on my side of the wardrobe to be black slim line coat hangers, to give a more streamlined look. I will do my partners side of the wardrobe soon, once the hangers are back in stock.

Some inspiration for open wardrobes are here:

Open wardrobe cupboard

Above is the tried and true Pax system from Ikea, seen here via Remodelista. We have used in our previous home. There are lots of options for fittings. The system has been around for a long time, and it works well, providing that it isn’t moved once installed. I guess that’s true of every built – in wardrobe, though.

Another great wardrobe that is more open plan (below) is by from Made from Scratch. 

open wardrobe cupboard hanging rails.jpg

I love the use of the drawers below and the seamless  look that this gives the space, although I’m sure that it would take a lot of discipline to maintain such a clean and neat look. The shelf that is above the hanging rails adds some much needed space for bulky (yet still pretty) items. I imagine that for all the items that are less pleasing to look at, the drawers work wonders, as would some gorgeous storage baskets or boxes.

Planet Deco has featured this wall of clothing below:

Hanging closet on wall- open wardrobe.jpg

Again this has the low drawers  which also act as a shelf below the  hanging rails. Bonus points for the copper rails fixed directly to the walls.

If I’m totally honest, I don’t know how disciplined I would be at keeping my clothes in order and photo- worthy at all times, which brings me to wondering about a budget- friendly solution in the form of a curtain, as pictured below by Ty Pennington:

Curtains with open wardrobe closet.jpg

The way that the bedroom is laid out, however, the wardrobe would be beside the bed, not behind it.

I suppose after this inspiration, I should give you a reality check of how my hanging area currently looks. Think of this as a ‘before’ shot. Hopefully my makeover ‘after’ shot will look a lot more glamorous!

Open shelving wardrobe closet 'before'.jpg

Ummm….. yes, there it is in all its *ahem* glory! As I said it is a reality check. It is certainly NOT glamorous at the moment. You can see on the let (my side) there is some colour gradation happening. I like to start my clothes with white, then work my way through the colours to finish with black. The hangers are all matching, but that’s as far as the organisation goes for the moment.

Am I organised enough to pull off the ‘open wardrobe’ look, or should I save up to add built in wardrobes at a later stage?

Do you like the idea of an open wardrobe, or does that idea give you cold sweats from stress? I’d love to know.






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