Repurposed frames

Do you have any old picture frames lying around the house without any glass, perhaps that you just don’t know what you could do to add them to your decor?
Here are some ideas  for the reuse and re purpose of frames. You could put a mirror in it, or simply replace the glass to use. Here are a few more ideas  Have a look & see what you think:
from ehow by way of care2
from shabby vintage mom on flickr
 Another version from Country Living
 Or you could make shelves and hang it found again at Country Living
Here’s another way to organise- I think this would be a great idea for jewellery, also. From Country Living.
Or how about old windows made into frames? From Crafty Nest
Now these ideas are abit more grandiose & out there:

Giant horse sculpture from Artists Frame Service
Have a look at this ceiling made with frame samples:
from the New York Times by way of Fabulous Frames & Art Blog

A few ideas to get you going- let me know if you have been inspired, or have already made something from your re-purposed frames.


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  1. nice blog you have. love the tray idea 🙂


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