Repurposed Housing- Shipping Containers

 As you can probably tell by now if you have been following my blog,
I am a massive fan of giving an old object new life. 
Call it what you like: recycling, re-purposing, re-using, salvaging or reclaiming.
It’s simply taking an object with the aim of saving it from the scrap heap &
hopefully turning it into something better than what it was before. 
Here I think is one of the ultimate ways of re-purposing-
a full house recycled from shipping containers. 
They have been used for temporary emergency accommodation,
and these below are so much more than that!
I have long been a fan of this (I know it is not a new phenomena)
these shipping containers are worth a second look:
From Here
From here
From here 
From here
From here 
from here
from here
from here
from here & they have more to look at

So what do you feel about living in shipping containers? Do you like the idea? Are you irked? Fugly or genius?

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