5 favourite finds-Button reuse

What to do with the little stash of buttons that you have at home?
(if you are anything like me, it is more than just a little stash)
here are a few ideas for taking them out of their tins & showing them off by using them:
To keep your earrings sorted- just hook them through the holes of the buttons & voila- no searching for the earrings mate…
earring holder from wish
Or, i fyou have some really pretty ones, you can use them to perk up & personalise your magnets:
File down the backs (if they are shamk buttons)
Button magnet from Martha Stewart 
Or, create some jewelery- below are 2 examples, but you could make them any style
Lovely necklace  found on Flickr – handmadetherapy
Button rings from Craftzine
Or you could make hair clips:
Or with a little imagination, you could make some cards.
With Valentines Day approaching it could be a lovely way to use up any odd buttons you have lying around.

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