Recycled tee shirt throw

I have 2 lovely boys, who, obviously have grown a lot  over the past year or so.
As such, their tee shirts don’t fit anymore.
Some of them they loved and were a little sad to see go.
As such I decided to recycle them into a quilt for them to use whilst watching telly, or whatever.
It was very easy to do.
First, cut the front & backs out into squares- mine were 30cm by 30cm.
The photos look a little wonky, but I think it’s just the angle.
 Next, use your trusty over locker to join the squares together. I liked the idea of the over locking showing, and becoming a feature of the throw. I also wanted to make the inside smooth & soft.
I joined all the squares randomly & over locked the edge.
 Here’s the first one.
Hopefully the tee shirts will be loved for years to come. Plus, I can always make it bigger as they grow….
(this article has been featured at edgi – in 30 ways to recycle your old tee shirts.  Thanks guys !)

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  1. Chai69 says:

    That's pretty cool – looks very boyish!


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