Electric cars of the future

Now, I don’t know if I have been watching too much Top Gear lately-

I’ve never really been a great car fan, however,
I’ve come across a couple of cars that are just too cute.
They are both electric & so less damaging to the environment.

The most adorable car ever (OK, you may disagree, but I kinda like its looks) is the Honda EV-N which is unfortunately not planned for production….yet.

Check it out- it has retro styling that looks like a
car that a child would draw with crayons.
But that’s not the cool thing, although I do like its looks-it has solar roof panels,
It features easily changeable swappable seat covers for those who like to mix things up.
It has flexible seating allowing transport of bulkier items.
A cool looking minimalist retro style dash-….but wait there’s more…..
If that doesn’t excite- the passenger door contains what looks like a large speaker,
but is, in fact a a super robotic unicycle.
How funwould that be to zip around on one of these?
It looks like the much promised future is one step closer.
You can have a look at the scooter on Youtube
The scooter uses technology which was developed through the ASIMO humanoid robot.
You would have seen him before- here’s the evolutionary trail…
Honda Ev-N photos & info via Autoblog, Ecoustics, Yahoo cars UK and Honda.

All I can say is when can I get one?

Another car that is due for production is this cartoon like Peapod car from Chrysler.
It has a cute smiley face on the front, although I’m torn between thinking it’s cute or fugly.
It has full hands-free Ipod integration and as well as being electric
uses recycled and recyclable materials.

The car according to company director Mr. Arnell was inspired by “Japanese bullet trains, storm troopers from the film Star Wars, space helmets and turtles.”

Although I don’t like this one quite as much as the Honda above, it is at least in production and should be available in America any day now for around $12 000.

Peapod photos & info from carscoop and ecogeek.


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