Paris part 2- Le Marché aux Puces

Here are some photos from the day that we visited the flea markets in Paris- particularly Le Marché Paul Bert. It wasn’t exactly the way that I had pictured them. I had expected actual market stalls with assorted bric-a-brac, but it was much more civilised than that.
Unfortunately a lot of the shops did not want to have any photographs taken, but we did manage a few.

The range and quality of the pieces of furniture and accessories was amazing.
For example there were beautiful art Deco lamps, groovy mid century chrome and leather lounges, spectacular inlaid wooden carved pieces form last century & older.
This photo does not give justice to the scale of the pieces- the chandelier
must have been 3 metres tall
These lights that I am looking at in the photo were fibreglass- giant pods that would make the centrepiece of any warehouse conversion.

One shop that completely blew me away was a shop where the owner had taken pieces from a crashed plane and restored all the propellers to make them into shiny sculptures, or make part of the plane’s engine into furniture , such as a bar, by adding glass.
Unfortunately there no photos were permitted.

Here is where you can get more of an idea of what’s on offer- click here;
or here.


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  1. Chai69 says:

    GROOOOOOVY BABY! Gorgeous “couleurs”


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