Bookshelves- 5 favourite finds

I haven’t written anything for a while- I’ve been busy painting & renovating these last few weeks.
I’ve also been frustrated with the look of the blog- no matter what I do I can’t seem to get rid of the purple & cobalt colours of the fonts. It’s very frustrating!

I have been looking for bookshelves for my home- Have to say they are pretty disappointing. Most are extremely boring.
However, I have come across a few interesting pieces which I’ll share with you-
Speech bubble bookshelf is from Fusca Design & fulfils the criteria of cute & quirky.

Then there’s the Kartell Bookworm available from top 3 by designOr the Stack bookshelf also from top 3 by design
Or the gravity defying Sticklebook

Another seemingly impossible bookshelf is from Umbra available via Amazon

or you can build your own with instructions from Instructables.

The other option, of course is just to embrace the books & have a wall of them, like here from Apartment Therapy

I still haven’t decided which way to go- any ideas?


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