Make It Monday- CD spindle light

I have been having a bit of an issue with E-waste lately.

My ipod, along with my phone were accidentally drowned in my bag (a very expensive morning caused by a water bottle that I had not properly closed).

Then my old & trusty laptop died – I was given the definite diagnosis yesterday, and was told that 5 laptop years is the equivalent to 100 human years…..
Which got me to thinking- what is going to happen with all that E-waste that we use for perhaps 3 years.
It must use a lot of resources to produce and then what???

Anyway, I’m always happy to find an idea that reuses some of the ‘waste”.
I have been holding onto my CD spindles, thinking “there must be something that this can be useful for”. (it also explains how I have so much junk)…
Anyway, I came across this fabulous idea from Craft Stylish. (via one pretty thing).


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