Global warming rug

Image above from neutral

An image that has really stuck in my mind that represents the effect of global warming, is the photo of a lone polar bear on its tiny iceberg in the middle of the ocean.

Well, Spanish rug and carpet company Nanimarquina has captured that picture, and transformed it into a statement rug for your home
(complete with 3D felt polar bear).
Images from NEL
I think that I might feel a little saddened to see the forlorn polar bear in my home every day, however, the company’s press release says that it:

“reclaims the reality of what is happening to our planet and brings it into the day-to-day realm in an attempt at spurring the individual into reflection and action. Global warming is a bid for hope. It represents our aspirations for a better future and a world that might be.”

Hopefully it will get people’s attention, so that we will work towards a solution to the problem that has caused the destruction of these beautiful creature’s habitat.


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