Frock on Friday- Akira Isagowa

Today for Frocks on Friday, we are celebrating the work of arguably one of our most talented designers, Akira Isogawa.

Born in 1964 in Kyoto, Japan, Isogawa came to Australia in 1986 and was entranced by the blue skies and vast spaces decided to make it his home. He studied at the East Sydney College, and opened his boutique, Akira Isogawa, in Woollahra in 1993.

“The beauty of living in Australia is the mixing of cultures; in a way, I think my designs are like ‘cross cooking’,I’m just mixing Asian ingredients with European ones.”

These designs are from his most recent spring collection. they are quite Asian in influence, and the fabrics are often hand painted and treated.

He is one of Australia’s most recognised designers, who has achieved international recognition for his beautiful artful and contemporary designs. He says

“A garment can transcend, giving it a soul.”

Akira has regular showings of his collections in Paris, and his designs are sold all over the world.

The Age had an article about him in September, and he is quoted as saying:

“I feel that fashion transcends what we think it is.
It should be our expression, our identity.”

image from 30 days of fashion and beauty
He has also tried his very talented hand at designing rugs for Designer Rugs, here in Australia.

the designs reflect his pared-down Asian aesthetic.
He has won numerous awards, and is exhibited at the Powerhouse Museum here in Sydney.


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