First ever Frock on Friday-Ghulam Sakina

For our first ever Frock on Friday we have decided to bring you some fashion with a dark twist to it. It somehow manages to be somber and fun at the same time.

We love these dresses by Ghulam Sakina by designer Liaqat Rasul, who is based both in London and New Delhi. The Indian influence is quite strong in some of the collections. We love the latest collection with the Frieda Kahlo influence in the photographic styling and make up.

Hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

To go with these, you might enjoy a pair of shoes by architect Zaha Hadid. Her architectural work is absolutely amazing, and she has her work exhibited all around the world, both in extraordinary buildings and in museums.

She has been listed on the Forbes list of “The 100 most powerful women” in 2008.

Now she has turned her hand to designing these space age plastic shoes…..

I think they are really quite architecturally sculptural also, reflecting her design aesthetic- don’t know if I’ll ever be able to own a pair, but it’s nice to dream, anyway.

(photo courtesy of Teen Vogue)


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