Valentine’s Day

Whether or not you are into it (maybe you think it’s a commercial money spinner), Valentines day is upon us!

There can never be too much love in the world. These days it is often sadly lacking. That said, in the spirit of love, (and not commercialism), here are a few heart & love related things.

Some natural hearts as seen from above here:

I just love the tropical island ones- dreaming of a holiday, I guess- now wouldn’t that be a nice romantic get-away?

Or there’s some lovely quotes at

They could be really great to put into one of these cute felt fortune cookies from Marta Stewart (yes, I hear you) These, could also be great for party favours or as an extra Christmas stocking filler.Plus there’s a whole host of other Valentine’s crafts,

If you are not into making things yourself, on Etsy, there’s this cute card by alidesign
How bout a necklace by underthelookingglass
If that hasn’t got you motivated for V day, you can always visit Le Love, which as it’s name suggests, is a celebration of love.


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